Apart CM5EH

Price Rs.1894 The Apart CM5EH is a humidity resistant new version of the popular CM5E in-wall speaker and is suited for bathrooms, kitchens, cool cells or other humid zones. In principle, this product is pretty similar to the Apart CM5E with exception to the cone and grille material. The newest CM5EH version has a plastic grille whose outlook will surprise you.Most humidity resistant speakers have a somewhat awkward appearance, but the CM5EH has the same stylish design like the other Apart ceiling speakers. This means the loudspeaker has a higher optical integration and will keep consistency in buildings.The loudspeaker is very easy to install, due to the simple mounting system with 2 hidden spring loaded clamps. You just need to open the clamps with your hands, carefully slide the speaker in place and release the clamps while positioning the speaker in the middle of the cut-out. This easy way of installation doesn’t require any tools and saves the installer precious time!The Apart CM5EH is a modern and very competitive built-in loudspeaker, featuring a 100 Volt speaker line transformer as well as a direct 8 ohms connection, allowing you to connect up to 2 speakers in parallel per 4? stable amplifier channel. For 100 Volt use, the CM5EH is equipped with a high quality 3/6 Watt 100 Volt transformer.