New ROKIT G4 White Noise Studio Monitors Available from KRK Systems

KRK Systems, a brand owned by Gibson, is adding a new family of studio monitors to its latest ROKIT Generation 4 (G4) range, the ROKIT G4 White Noise. Available in 5-, 7- and 8-inch bi-amp models, these limited-edition monitors offer the same features as the newly-released ROKIT G4s, but with a different aesthetic (that aesthetic is a white casing, instead of the traditional black).

Providing what KRK Systems says is wide, deep and dynamic listening, along with incredible imaging, KRK’s ROKIT G4 studio monitors have been re-engineered and redesigned from the ground up. The entire ROKIT G4 range features on-board DSP-driven Graphic EQ with 25 settings to help condition any acoustic environment while offering new levels of versatility in a studio monitor. KRK also says they’re only monitors in their class with an LCD screen to display DSP-driven EQ settings. The flat setting is great for most environments, but low-, mid- and high-frequency presets can be adjusted to help compensate for common trouble spots in different sound environments. This on-board system works in conjunction with the KRK Audio Tools App, available for free on the Android and iOS stores.

Additionally, all system elements of the ROKIT G4 monitors are cohesively designed to work with their advanced drivers made with Kevlar, efficient Class D power amplifiers and front-firing port. These features collectively extend accurate and tight bass reproduction and improve audio integrity while “minimizing listening fatigue” — offering an overall balanced listening experience.

The ROKIT G4 range features a systematically designed low resonance enclosure for minimal distortion and sound-colorization, and a high-density acoustic ISO foam pad that decouples the speaker from the surface, which minimizes vibration transmission for improved clarity. Additionally, all G4 models feature a newly designed built-in brick-wall limiter, which automatically engages at maximum amp-level to maintain a balanced sound, protect the system and offer better and wider dynamics.

More information on the ROKIT Generation 4 (G4) is here.