Projectors from CASIO – outstanding service life, kind to the environment

Whether at school or in front of an audience of professionals: An enthralling multimedia presentation is capable of impressing listeners at all times. The innovative projectors from CASIO are characterised by their impeccable environmental credentials, powerful performance characteristics and all-round versatility – making it easy to impress audiences in the classroom and workplace alike.
Each projector in the current series features a laser and LED hybrid light source with a service life of up to 20,000 hours! As a result, time-consuming lamp replacements are no longer required.

The projectors are designed for continuous projections (24/7) and also offer brilliant colour reproduction in daylight. The Direct ON/OFF function is especially practical: The projector can be switched off and back on again directly, and produces an image at full brightness within seconds. Additional benefits include the low operating costs, maintenance requirements and power consumption. In short: You save time and money!

Discover all the advantages and possibilities of multimedia projections with CASIO!

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