Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling EU

Price Rs.1486025

Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling EU


The SL Ceiling Microphone uses the latest beamforming technology to focus automatically on the speaker regardless of the position. The microphone consists of 29 omni directional microphone capsules that guarantee best speech intelligibility during telephone and online meetings. Integrable into any infrastructure, the discreet metal casing adds unobtrusively into any conference room.



  • Beamforming array ceiling microphone consisting of 29 omnidirectional microphone capsules
  • Coverage area of up to 60 square meters and extendable with additional ceiling mics with an external DSP
  • The highly directive ceiling microphone offers best speech intelligibility by automatically identifying the position of the current speaker within the room
  • Homogenous volume for optimum speech differentation
  • LEDs for mute status indication
  • Unobstrusive, high quality design
  • 3 installation variants for different types of meeting rooms
  • Low maintenance effort
  • Invisible cabling in/at the ceiling
  • Unified Communications compatible (USB, Jack Plug)
  • Compatible with all DSPs
  • Easy system settings using the Sennheiser Configuration Manager tool