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  • 5000 ANSI Lumens & XGA Resolution
  • Contrast Ratio of 3000:1
  • Hybrid Filter Life Up to 5000 Hours
  • Lamp Life Up to 5000 Hours (Eco Mode)
  • Advanced Networking Features
  • Black/White/Greenboard Modes
  • Full Connectivity
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Hitachi CP-X5022WN Overview

The CP-X5022WN 5000 Lumens Projector from Hitachi is suitable for large meeting rooms, lecture halls, and auditoriums.

This technology utilizes 3 chips to deliver vibrant, true-to-life, and consistent images for demanding audiences.
Hybrid Filter
The Hybrid Filter last long and this extension in maintenance intervals significantly reduces the overall cost of ownership.
Security Features
Advanced security features include Multi-Level PIN-Lock, Transition Detector, steel security bar, Kensington lock, and prominent security labels.
Blackboard/Whiteboard Mode
Projecting onto colored or shiny backgrounds can make images appear either dull or uncomfortably bright. This mode ensures optimal brightness whether the screen is black, green, or shiny white.
Significantly extended maintenance intervals resulting from long-life parts reduces the total cost of ownership.
PC-Less Presentations
Simply plug in a memory stick, SD card, or even a portable hard disk drive and present without the need of a laptop.
Advanced Networking
Manage and control multiple projectors over LAN. Turn the projector on and off, schedule email alerts and monitor projectors all via the network.
AMX Device Discovery
When integrated with an AMX Controller, the relevant communication modules and drivers are automatically downloaded to the projector.
Get good quality image by connecting the A/V equipment to the projector with HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface).
Template Function
This unique Hitachi feature allows you to project different patterns of lines and grids onto a whiteboard, blackboard, or flip chart, thus making writing and drawing easier.
Virtually Maintenance Free
This projector is designed for easy of use and requires minimal maintenance. Long-life parts significantly extend the maintenance intervals, reducing cost, and any inconvenience.
Daytime Mode
Projections are always vivid and colorful in a bright environment with the Daytime Mode.
Quick On/Off
The Quick On/Off feature and automatic resolution equals fast set-up.
Input Source Naming
Personalize devices and inputs to the projector.
My Button
Assign custom functions or common tasks to a programmable button on your remote control.
Audio Pass Through
When only sound and not pictures are required, then this convenient feature lets you hear the projector’s speakers whilst the rest is on stand-by, thus helping to preserve lamp life.
Vertical Keystone Correction
Correct misaligned images automatically with vertical keystone correction.
Horizontal Keystone Correction
Correct misaligned images with horizontal keystone correction.
On Screen Display (OSD)
The new menu is much easier to use. Navigating through the different options is easier, whilst settings are clearly named.
Saver Mode
Saver mode reduces the projector lamp brightness and consumption power, resulting in considerable energy savings. You can set the Saver mode time between 1 to 30 minutes, and if the projected image does not change during that period then the Saver mode activates. Saver mode can also be activated manually.
Intelligent Eco Mode
Intelligent Eco mode automatically changes the lamp brightness according to the level of the input signal. Lamp brightness is reduced when a darker image is projected and returns to normal when a brighter image is projected, thus eliminating unnecessary energy consumption from the lamp.
Wireless Capability
You can use a wireless network by connecting the projector to a computer using the USB wireless adapter (sold separately). The adapter supports IEEE802.11 b/g/n.
Manual Optical Lens Shift
You can manually shift the lens horizontally and vertically, to position the image on the screen without causing any distortion. After ceiling mounting, fine adjustments can be done with a screwdriver and/or hexagonal.
Perfect Fit
Perfect Fit allows you to make image adjustments by independently moving the individual corners and sides. It is suitable for complex installations where sizing the screen to image display is more difficult.
Smart Device Control
Plugging the USB wireless adapter to either of the duo USB Type A inputs of the projector and using the Projector Quick Connection, the dedicated application software by Hitachi, projectors can be controlled from a tablet or Smartphone.
DICOM Simulation Mode
The DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) Simulation Mode projects grayscale images which approximate DICOM Part14 specifications. 1
Easy Maintenance
The lamp door is on the top, while the filter cover is on the side, hence maintenance and replacement of these parts can be easily done.
Instant Stack
Instant Stack lets you place a projector on top of another to project the same image from both onto a screen for added brightness. Overlaying the image is made easier with built-in tools including RS-232C control, Perfect Fit, Lens Shift, and stacking alignment peg holes. 2
Dual mode
Turns on the projectors at the same time.
Fail Safe function
When ALTERNATE is selected and an error occurs on the projector in operation causing the lamp to turn off, the other projector will automatically start to operate. 3
Cloning Function
You can copy configuration settings from one projector to others of the same model via USB. Cloning can save almost all projector settings such as gamma and keystone via USB.
Alternate mode
Turns on the projectors alternately.
Auto: Turns on the projector with minimal lamp usage.
Normal: Turns on the projector that was not used the previous time.