Sony BRAVIA AG8 (A8G) 4K OLED TV Review

The Sony BRAVIA AG8 is the company's latest mid-range 4K Ultra HD OLED TV with the X1 Extreme processor and support for HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision. But is it any better than the outgoing AF8 it replaces?
NOTE: Sony has confirmed that the AG8 is not an IMAX Enhanced model and in the features, we mentioned a Netflix Calibrated mode, this is also not the case and was a typo in the voice-over script.
Pricing as of July 2019 is also £1999. Please note that due to a lack of dynamic range within the camera, camera settings, TV settings and the fact you are not watching on a monitor that can show the true picture quality seen in person, no judgment should be made using the footage in the video. The review sample was provided by Crampton and Moore and is a brand new sealed retail unit of the 55-inch AG8 OLED. You can support our reviews by following the contact details in the video or below. Call Richard on 01302 365760 or email and mention AVForums. We will always be transparent about who supplies a TV for review and the supplier (whether it is the manufacturer, distributor or retailer) never has any influence or input into our reviews. We will never accept payment to review a product as we insist on complete independence in our reviewing.
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