The best Beats headphones deals ahead of Black Friday

It’s hard to deny the impact Beats headphones have had on the headphone industry. 

When they launched amidst a flurry of clever marketing and celebrity endorsement, their design was bold and their sound was similar – offering bags of bass. Since being acquired by Apple, the Beats sound has matured, delivering a fun and upfront sound, as well as lots of clever tech, such as the Apple W1 Bluetooth chip, which means they work seamlessly with iPhones. 

The Black Friday sale is sure to see plenty of Beats deals and we’ll be highlighting the best prices on headphones such as the Beats Solo 3 Wireless, Powerbeats Pro and Beats X, on this very page.  

Beats Solo 3 Wireless

The Beats Solo 3 Wireless push the boundaries of wireless headphones technology further than we’ve seen before. And while the sound quality may not beat the best headphones around, the extra battery life, range and close compatibility with the iPhone, mean the Solo 3 Wireless are well worth a look.

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Beats Powerbeats Pro

We admire the Powerbeats Pro headphones for their build, their fit and their superb features. Thanks to the Apple H1 Bluetooth chip technology, they’re wonderfully easy to set up and use, and they’re virtually glitch-free in their delivery of wireless audio.

In terms of practicality, the Powerbeats Pros are an excellent set of headphones, they just can’t quite match the very best in terms of sound. But if you can find a really good deal, it might be tempting.

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Beats X

As the most Apple-centric wireless headphones not made by Apple, the Beats X are aimed squarely at iPhone owners. It’s all about the Apple W1 chip, which makes this pair slicker than your average Bluetooth headphone. They’re easy to live with, and Bluetooth performance is almost faultless whether they end up connected to an iPhone or Android equivalent. 

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Beats Powerbeats 3 Wireless

It’s tricky to walk into a gym and not spot a pair of Beats headphones. They’re popular among sporty types and the Powerbeats3 Wireless are another solid option from Beats for that market. The fit is good and it’s aided by hooks that helps keep the buds in place during exercise. You get good isolation, but they do let a little noise through which can be useful if you’re outdoors. 

You can get one hour of use in just five minutes, with total battery life topping out at 12 hours. There’s even a mic and in-line remote for total control. The Powerbeats3 Wireless up a relatively smooth sound, with no brightness, and you get plenty of power and bass.

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