1More Knocks 35% Off Headphones Through Dec. 6

San Diego-based earphone specialist 1More has announced a site-wide “cyber week” sale offering 35% off all models.

The company has singled out seven featured deals (listed below). Tax and shipping are excluded and a “route shipping insurance” charge is automatically added but can be removed before checking out.

To get the discounted pricing you have to enter the promo code BFCM at checkout.

Stylish True Wireless earphones (E1026BT-1): $65 (regular price $100)

Triple Driver over-ear headphones (H1707): $130 (regular $200)

Piston Fit (E1009) earphones: $9.75 (regular $15)

Stylish Wired earphones (E1025): $19.50 (regular $30)

Stylish BT earphones (E1024BT): $45.50 (regular $70)

Vi React earphones: $39 (regular price $60)

Spearhead VR gaming headphones (H1005): $65 (regular $100)

The discounted price for the Quad Driver earphones (E1010), which made our Top Picks list in 2017, is $100.50 (current regular price $170).

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