Best Bose speakers 2020: portable, multi-room, wireless

Best Bose speakers Buying Guide: Welcome to What Hi-Fi?’s round-up of the best Bose speakers you can buy in 2020.

Bose has dreamed up wireless speakers for over a decade now, so the US audio giant knows a thing or two about streaming. Offering a good balance of premium build-quality, expressive sound and intuitive controls, Bose speakers are competitive pound-for-pound performers.

The best Bose speakers are adept at sounding bigger than they look, meaning that even dinky portable models pump out impressive-sounding audio. 

In the past, we’ve criticised Bose’s lack of support for hi-res audio files, but the latest models now support the likes of FLAC and WAV. Some models even support Amazon Alexa voice commands and music services like Spotify and Deezer too.

If you’re looking to create a wireless multi-room system, the SoundTouch range is Bose’s answer to a Sonos set-up. It comprises three speaker sizes – 10, 20 and 30 – that can be linked together to create room-filling sound.

The Bose speaker range covers a range of prices at the more affordable end of the market. Generally, the more you spend, the more powerful and dynamic the sound. Grab your wallet and take a look at our pick of the very best Bose speakers around.

Best Bose speakers 2020

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1. Bose SoundLink Revolve

Splashproof speaker with 360-degree sound


Wireless: Bluetooth | Battery life: 12 hours | Connections: 3.5mm headphone jack, Micro USB | Dimensions (HWD): 152 x 82 x 82mm | Weight: 0.66kg

Reasons to Buy

Omnidirectional delivery

Solid, punchy sound

Portable and feature-packed

Reasons to Avoid

Rivals offer more detail

Not especially rugged


This multi-talented speaker gave us goosebumps with its bright, bold dynamic sound and refined performance. IPX4 water-resistant, it boasts a superb 12-hour battery, making it ideal an an outdoor speaker

Bose has managed to extract huge performance from its cylindrical design, which pumps out 360-degree sound in an effort to eliminate sweet spots. The clever design even includes a pressure trap to reduce distortion.

It comes with a raft of features, including a dedicated button that allows you to tap into your phone’s voice assistant (even if your phone is in another room). If you’re looking for the best portable Bose speaker, grab one of these. 

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Best Bose speakers 2020

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2. Bose SoundTouch 10

Affordable multi-room starter speaker


Wireless: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi | Battery life: Mains only | Connections: 3.5mm aux input | Dimensions (HWD): 21.2 x 14.1 x 8.7cm | Weight: 1.87kg

Reasons to Buy

Smart, compact design

Big, clear sound

Abundance of features


Reasons to Avoid

Slightly coarse treble

Midrange hardens up at high volume

App lacks some features

This might be the smallest and most affordable speaker in Bose’s multi-room range, but we think it’s also the best. Considering that it’s the size of a carton of juice, the detailed, spacious sound – underpinned by deep, rich bass – is pretty darn impressive.

Bose has done a decent job of simplifying its user interface, so grouping this speaker with others in the SoundTouch collection is a cinch. There’s support for Spotify Connect and Deezer, plus you can stream FLAC files from your favourite device. 

Fan of Tidal? Unfortunately that’s not supported. If that’s not a deal-breaker, the SoundTouch 10 is an is an excellent standalone speaker that can be spun out into a multi-room system. 

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Best Bose speakers 2020

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3. Bose SoundLink Mini II

Palm-sized speaker that wows with weighty bass


Wireless: Bluetooth | Battery life: 10hr | Connections: 3.5mm aux input, Micro-B USB | Dimensions (HWD): 5.1 x 18 x 5.8cm | Weight: 0.68kg

Reasons to Buy

Full-bodied sound

Weighty bass


Reasons to Avoid

Lows Lack precision and agility

This diminutive speaker is just 5.1cm high, but you’ll get a shock when you pick it up: it feels more like concrete than aluminium. The advantage of the stout build is that it translates into hefty bass that belies the size of this tiny Bluetooth speaker. 

The sound is warm, natural and expressive – without slipping into boombox territory – and the design is sleek. Buttons are kept to a bare minimum: power, volume and Bluetooth pairing (it remembers the last eight devices paired, making it a welcome guests at playlist parties).

The one area where this speaker doesn’t quite hit the mark is the bass, which could be tighter. That said, this impressive, picnic-friendly speaker is plenty loud enough for a bedside table or a dinner party.

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Best Bose speakers 2020

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4. Bose SoundTouch 30 series III

The most powerful SoundTouch multi-room speaker


Wireless: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi | Battery life: Mains power only | Connections: 3.5mm aux input | Dimensions (HWD): 24.6 x 43.5 x 18cm | Weight: 8.4kg

Reasons to Buy

Powerful, spacious presentation

Good sense of timing

Decent low-end authority

Reasons to Avoid

Coarse treble 

Hardness at high volume

Control app is slight disappointment 

The ‘big daddy’ of the SoundTouch speakers is undeniably chunky, but impresses with it’s dynamic sonic ability. Bass is punchy and Bose’s ‘Waveguide’ technology does a great job optimising the performance of the drivers, creating a big, room-filling sound. 

It’s designed to be used as part of a Bose multi-room system, so pairing is simple and intuitive, and there’s plenty of streaming support including Spotify Connect and Amazon Music. Bose has also added support for Amazon Alexa voice commands.

Compared to a Sonos system, you might find Bose’s control app a bit fiddly but this is a well-equipped and accomplished wireless speaker. 

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Best Bose speakers 2020

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5. Bose SoundLink Colour

Stylish, portable budget Bluetooth speaker


Wireless: Bluetooth | Battery life: 8hr | Connections: 3.5mm aux input | Dimensions (HWD): 26.7 x 13.2 x 4.8cm | Weight: 0.59kg

Reasons to Buy

Relatively large presentation

Works well with vocals

Voice prompts may appeal to some users

Portable design

Reasons to Avoid

Needs tauter bass

Treble isn’t sweet enough

Overall delivery lacks finesse

We praised the Bose SoundLink Colour for its big, bassy sound and fun, colourful design. Light and portable, it fits neatly into a rucksack. Rubberised buttons and fold-flat charger make it an excellent travel buddy.

If we were being picky, we’d point out that the low-end frequencies lack drive and focus. But given the price – you can snag one for around £100 now – it’s a decent option. Willing to splash out a bit extra? Consider upgrading to the newer SoundLink Colour II.

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Best Bose speakers 2020

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6. Bose SoundTouch 20 Series III

Solid, mid-sized multi-room speaker


Wireless: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi | Battery life: Mains power only | Connections: 3.5mm aux input | Dimensions (HWD): 18.8 x 31.5 x 10.4cm | Weight: 3.2kg

Reasons to Buy

Good detail and dynamics

Intuitive app

Multi-room potential

Impressive scale

Reasons to Avoid

No hi-res support

Needs more services

Overbearing bass

Pitched between the smaller SoundTouch 10, and bigger SoundTouch 30, this compact offering delivers solid, insightful midrange performance. It’s not shy when it comes to bass, either. Great if you’re throwing a wild house party; perhaps not great if you’re casually listening to Simon & Garfunkel. 

Like it’s two cousins, the SoundTouch 20 series III is compatible with a decent range of streaming services including Spotify Connect, Deezer and Amazon Music. Controls are simple, with six presets offering convenient, one-touch access to your favourite music. 

There are better standalone Bluetooth speakers, but if you have your heart set on a Bose multi-room system, the SoundTouch 20 represents excellent value for money.   

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Best Bose speakers 2020

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7. Bose Home Speaker 300

Good sized smart speaker with big, weighty sound.


Wireless: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi | Battery life: Mains only | Connections: Aux-in | Dimensions (HWD): 160 x 142 x 102mm | Weight: 0.9kg

Reasons to Buy

Big, weighty sound

Goes loud without hardening

Google Assistant and Alexa

Reasons to Avoid

Poor detail

Timing is underwhelming

Lack of dynamic range

Cluttered and confused

Not the best for a classic, quality, hi-fi-type sound but the Bose Home Speaker 300 will certainly add some beef to your listening. Part of the wider Bose smart speaker family, it’s voice-enabled through both Alexa and Google Assistant and can be used as a unit of a Bose multi-room set-up too. It also supports AirPlay 2.

Sound-wise, you’re looking at a mono system here through a single, full-range driver which fires downwards into an acoustic deflector to spread sound 360 degrees from its ovular chassis. It definitely gives an even and impressively weighty performance that will please many but, if you’re after something sonically more refined, this may not be the smart speaker for you.

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