Best Sony earbuds 2019: Sony earphones for every budget

Best Sony earbuds Buying Guide: Welcome to What Hi-fi?’s round-up of the best Sony earbuds you can buy in 2019.

Ready to ditch the free earbuds that came with your smartphone? Sony makes some great in-ear headphones that will upgrade your audio experience without breaking the bank.

Whether you want budget wired buds that sound superb, Bluetooth in-ear headphones with extended battery life, or even the latest true wireless earbuds, we’ve rated the best Sony earbuds and assembled them below.

If you opt for wireless, you’ll be pleased to hear that all the Sony models below offer decent battery life, and some feature active noise-cancelling to quieten your surroundings. There’s even a pair here crafted from trombone material. 

Read on and we’ll explain what sets these Sony earbuds apart from the crowd.


Best in-ear headphones 2019: best wired and wireless earphones

Best Sony earbuds 2019

(Image credit: Sony)

1. Sony WF-1000XM3

Sony’s outstanding true wireless earbuds are a cut above the competition.


Wireless: Yes | Battery life: 8 hours (+16 from case) | Noise-cancelling: Yes | In-line mic/remote: No | 3.5mm connector: No | Weight: 8.5g

Reasons to Buy

Great timing and musicality

Impressive battery life

Comfy fit

Reasons to Avoid

Don’t support aptX HD

Earpieces lack volume control

These true wireless earbuds are easily up there with the best Sony in-ear headphones we’ve ever tested. The WF-1000XM3s feature innovative active noise cancelling technology and come with a portable carry case which doubles as a charger, meaning you get up to 32 hours of wireless playback.

The fit is comfortable and secure, so they won’t fall out when you run up an escalator. Packed with features – including subtle touch controls for music playback – they’re dynamic, detailed and musical. A home run from Sony.

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Best Sony earbuds 2019

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2. Sony MDR-EX650AP

Snug-fitting, great-sounding budget Sony earbuds .


Wireless: No | Battery life: N/A | Noise-cancelling: No | In-line mic/remote: Yes | 3.5mm connector: Yes | Weight: 9g

Reasons to Buy

Comfy, secure fit

Solid, weighty, punchy delivery

Expansive soundstage

Reasons to Avoid

Basic remote

If you want bang for your buck, you won’t feel short-changed by the EX650s wired earbuds. Despite the humble price point, they’re balanced, dynamic and immersive – with a hefty punch of bass. Sony has even utilised trombone material for the internal sound paths and external enclosures, helping to create an expansive soundstage.

Comfort isn’t an issue, since the EX650APs come with four sizes of buds in the box. If you like the brassy design, you’ll find that these Sony earbuds will outshine many a similarly-priced rival.

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Best Sony earbuds 2019

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3. Sony WI-1000X

Impressive wireless and noise-cancelling Sony earbuds with a neckband design.


Wireless: Yes | Battery life: 10 hours | Noise-cancelling: Yes | In-line mic/remote: No | 3.5mm connector: Yes | Weight: 71g

Reasons to Buy

Punchy bass

Insightful midrange

Well balanced

Reasons to Avoid

Inflexible neckband

In-ear headphones with a neckband aren’t to everyone’s liking, but they typically offer good battery life and a vey stable Bluetooth connection. Sony’s take on the wireless ‘neckband’ concept is a resounding success, especially when it comes to sound quality, which is precise, detailed and punchy.

There are different grades of noise-cancellation including an ‘ambient mode’ – useful when jogging – and you can still listen to music after the battery dies by using the supplied micro USB cable. If the design tickles your fancy, you’ll be rewarded with impressive sonics and great battery life.

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Best Sony earbuds 2019

(Image credit: Sony)

4. Sony WF-1000X

Sony’s true wireless earbuds are a sound investment.


Wireless: Yes | Battery life: 3 hours (+6 from case) | Noise-cancelling: Yes | In-line mic/remote: No | 3.5mm connector: No | Weight: 6.8g

Reasons to Buy

Balanced, detailed sound

Good timing and dynamics

Decent noise-cancelling

Reasons to Avoid

Slight connection issue

Sony’s first attempt at true wireless earbuds, the WF-1000Xs offer convincing noise-cancelling and impressive levels of clarity and drive. Smart Auto-settings adapt the level of noise-cancelling to suit the ambient noise around you, and a chargeable carry case boosts battery life to nine hours.

Each bud has a single control button: long and short presses activate different functions. A bit fiddly at first, but it’ll quickly become second nature.

While the Sony WF-1000XM3s (above) have since raised the bar even higher, these buds are fantastic value for money and a great way to ditch all the wires.

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