Emotiva Offers 15% Discount with Receiver Trade-in

Emotiva Audio is offering a 15% discount on three of its AV preamp/processors through October 31 but there’s a catch…

To get the deal you have to trade in an old (but not too old) AV receiver that has at least one HDMI input. The receiver doesn’t have to be working.

The models eligible for the trade-in discount are all 16-channel preamp/processors that support 9.1.6 setups and decode Dolby Atmos and DTS:X object-based surround sound. All are equipped with Dirac Live automated room correction and can be updated via firmware and components without having to replace the box.

XMC-2 – $2,549 with trade-in. Regular price is $2,999.

RMC-1L – $3,399 with trade-in. Regular price is $3,999.

RMC-1 – $4,249 with a trade-in. Regular price is $4,999.

For more information visit, emotiva.com.