If Barco Isn’t Making the New SilexPro ClickShow, They’re About to Be Sued

SilexPro ClickShow

SilexPro just announced something they’re calling the SilexPro ClickShow, a wireless BYOD system using, yep, a bottom. Available in three different configurations, ClickShow solutions allow users in a meeting to connect their device to the presentation screen and share their content.

What makes this different from other things on the market? The SilexPro ClickShow has the users connect an HDMI dongle to the standard display port of their laptop, which links wirelessly with the base station. By using an HDMI dongle, users don’t have to download anything. The ClickShow can also use USB for power.

For tablet and smartphone users, ClickShow also supports native Apple AirPlay, allowing iOS users to connect devices directly to the base station. SilexPro ClickShow also supports Android devices via an app available from the Google Play store. The ClickShow solution is thus device-agnostic, OS-agnostic and can run on secured laptops with corporate security rules.

Here are all the specs.