IKEA Readies New Smart Home System

IKEA Smart Home System“Picture yourself being able to wake up, raise your blinds to let in that lovely morning sun, listen to some music and still not have to get out of bed. How lovely, right? When you improve the IQ of your home, life itself runs a bit smoother as well. So whether you want a full smart home or just a few wonders of control, there’s an IKEA Home smart product to create an intuitive flow for you.”

That’s the pitch for IKEA’s Smart Home 2020 lineup. But, instead of just smart speakers, lamps and lights, in 2020, IKEA is shooting to automate your entire home.

The heart of the system is the IKEA TRÅDFRI gateway (hub). Everything connects to that, via Wi-Fi, Zigbee or RF. Using either the IKEA smart home app on your hone or little buttons (think Amazon Dash but for home control) you can control everything in your home. The system has everything you’d think it needs like sensors for occupancy, temperature, lighting, time of day, etc. and then it can use Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri or Google Assistant to make the entire thing voice-controllable.

IKEA Smart Home SystemSo, what does it control? Well, nearly everything — lights, blinds (and they sell lights and blinds, too), TVs, audio systems, HVAC, set-top boxes, doors, cameras, security systems and more. You can set up scenes based on time-of-day, moods, weather or through their buttons.

No, it’s certainly no Savant, Crestron or URC-level system but, it’s IKEA. IKEA will bring more awareness to home control than nearly any other retailer ever has (sans Apple) and it has a brand that’s considered very hip among Millennials and Gen-Z — the next generation of buyers. So, this is great timing for the company.

Oh, and it has a lot more money to market it that Savant, URC and Crestron, combined.

That said, yesterday’s announcement that Apple, Amazon, Google and Samsung have partnered with Zigbee to create a new smart home alliance to simplify smart home control may make all of this a lot simpler. But missing from that announcement — you can see our story on it here— were both Savant and URC.