LG Ships Ultra-Short-Throw 4K Laser Projector

It’s true that we have a successful business, but we’re very far from being considered wealthy. We’re middle class and live a happy, but modest lifestyle.

It’s my love for quality a/v that drives my passion. I can assure you that I have never sold or promoted anything with any personal agenda or because it yielded a better profit. We sell three brands of UST projectors. I only commented about LG’s HU85LA because this very nice article as it is about the HU85LA and limited my comments to the subject at hand.

LG’s 4K HDR laser projector is not geared to the same clients at Xiaomi. Xiaomi is native 1080 HD DLP chip that performs e-shift to emulate 4K.

Also Xiaomi’s projector has a single laser engine with a spinning RGB wheel to produce it’s color. I’m sure it sell well and has a very good picture, but it’s simply not in the sam category in anyway whatsoever.

The lens quality, contrast level, color fidelity and color saturation as well as motion resolution are excellent on LG’s HU85LA. This is a premium product with excellent image quality and performance.

As I posted here earlier, whatever UST projector you buy the expensive UST screen is needed. So if you want to use you UST projector in high ambient light and you select a low end $2k UST projector you will still need the $4k UST screen. We’re offering a bundle promotion that gives our clients a discount for buying your screen or cabinet of choice so the difference is not the delta you suggested, but your results and experiences will be far superior.