Meridian Audio Releases DSP750 In-Wall Digital Active Loudspeaker

Meridian Audio DSP750

Meridian Audio launched its latest loudspeaker from its architectural range, the DSP750 In-Wall Digital Active Loudspeaker. Claiming a host of exclusive Meridian technologies on-board, the DSP750 resets the standard of architectural loudspeaker performance, featuring:

  • Three new, high-performance drive-units.
  • CLASS-M DSP engine providing thermal and dynamic bass protection for detailed and accurate sound.
  • “Double-baffle” aluminum enclosure design to minimize unwanted resonances and coloration.
  • Separate mid-range driver enclosures to eliminate interaction with the bass drivers.
  • Five drive-units powered by a bridged pair of Dynamic Hi-Res amplifiers, each pair capable of delivering over 100 watts into 8 ohms.
  • EBA (Enhanced Bass Alignment) to heighten sound quality across the frequency range, resulting in added clarity.
  • Dynamic bass protection to provide maximum excursion without distortion.
  • Centre Elevation technology to create an immersive sound experience that appears to come from the center of the screen.
  • Meridian’s enhancement technologies, including FIFO buffering, DSP upsampling, apodizing filters and MHR (Meridian High Resolution).

The DSP750 delivers a maximum output of 120 decibels and bass extension down to 30 hertz. Its built-in custom tweeter with a beryllium dome and diffraction expansion technology ensures a wide sound dispersion for incredibly lifelike sound, capable of playing over 40 kilohertz. The DSP750 has what Merdian says is superb off-axis performance with two 100-millimeter mid-range drivers, enabling it to produce a uniform and vibrant stereo image over a wide listening area, making it perfect for larger areas.

Also, the sealed aluminum cabinet design ensures a reliable and repeatable performance with an ultra-shallow 100-mm mounting depth for easy installation and precise positioning. Users can adjust the rough-in box and frame for various wall materials and depths and can paint the magnetic grille to blend seamlessly into any interior.

More information on Meridian Audio loudspeakers is here.