Polycom RealPresence VideoProtect 500 | Polycom, Inc.

Public interaction with video communications equipment demands durable, secure and reliable solutions. RealPresence VideoProtect 500 is a safe, secure video conferencing solution that delivers local services to citizens no matter where they are located. Government agencies and corrections facilities can decrease costs and increase public safety by using VideoProtect 500 to minimize the need to transport inmates for court appearances, arraignments and other judicial interactions.

VideoProtect 500 in kiosks can auto dial into a programmed number with a simple lift of the built-in handset. Organizations needing to decrease costs while maximizing customer satisfaction can now offer innovative customer service solutions in any location.

Key Benefits of the RealPresence VideoProtect 500 include:

  • In-person experience with reliable HD video communications
  • Use in high traffic public with durable, secure wall-mountable enclosure
  • Seamless operation with automated call scenario functionality
  • Flexibility for different environments with handset or hands-free options