Samsung NU6900: is this Black Friday TV deal good?

While Samsung QLED TVs (which are currently heavily discounted in the US, by the way) might be the pinnacle of the brand’s current 4K TV line-up, not everyone has the budget to fund one of these flagship sets.

Thankfully, like most TV manufacturers, Samsung has a generous spread of 4K alternatives at a range of sizes at prices. One such range is the Samsung NU6900, an entry-level LED TV model that launched in 2018, and it’s definitely one to consider now that its price has dropped in the Black Friday sales.

As one of the most affordable Samsung TVs, and still on sale in the likes of Best Buy, it could represent a real bargain if you don’t mind missing out on some of the very latest picture technologies found in the Samsung 2019 TV range.

The NU6900 TV range spans five different screen sizes: 43 inch (UE43NU6900/UN43NU6900), 50 inch (UE50NU6900/UN50NU6900), 55 inch (UE55NU6900/UN55NU6900), 65 inch (UE65NU6900/UN65NU6900) and 75 inch (UE75NU6900/UN75NU6900). And with prices starting at $230, this is a real cheap 4K TV bargain.

The Samsung 6 Series is cheaper than the brand’s 7 Series, such as the NU7020 and 8 Series, such as the NU8000. As you’d expect, there are some differences in features and specs, which we’ve gone through below. 

Samsung NU6900: everything you need to know

Samsung UE6900

The NU6900 range represents Samsung’s step-up model from HD to 4K. So it’s an entry-level TV. 

It’s a flat panel, LED display, complete with Samsung’s 120 Motion Rate and Auto Motion Plus for smooth motion, and PurColor, which promises to deliver a wide spectrum of colours. 

On subject of colors, the TV does support HDR, including Samsung’s own HDR10+, ensuring you get access not only to 4K video but the benefits of high dynamic range color. 

The TV features a slim design at 38.1in x 22.5in x 3.1in with a simple stand that has a foot at either end – so if you choose one of the larger screen sizes, make sure your stand is wide enough.

Samsung’s smart TV platform is one of the better ones and here you can use Universal Guide to search all your available TV content at once. You can use the Samsung SmartThings app to control your TV and other smart devices in one place, too.

There’s Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity, two HDMI inputs, with support for Audio Return Channel, plus a USB connection and DLNA streaming. 

Our 2018 Samsung TV reviews mainly focused on premium 4K QLED models such as the QE55Q8DN while we also put its first ever 8K QLED TVs through their paces, the QE65Q900R and QE85Q900R.

In 2019, we’ve seen the fabulous 65in Samsung QE65Q90R the four-star QE55Q85R, and even the 8K Q900R.

Samsung does have form at the more affordable end of the market too. A number of 4K TVs have performed solidly over the years with 4K models such as the Samsung UE49RU8000 gaining five stars. This proves you don’t have to spend serious amounts of cash to get excellent picture performance. 

That means if you don’t mind sacrificing a few features, and a little picture and audio quality no doubt, the Samsung NU6900 might represent a great 4K TV deal.