Savant Adds More Personalization to Pro Remote

Savant is enabling users to personalize each Pro Remote by room or by user. In addition to touchscreen personalization, the Pro Remote’s native voice button can also be configured for Siri voice activation. With the latest release from Savant, users can now select from all available Savant Scenes, Services and Favorite Channels and add the ones they use the most frequently to the home screen. Users can set up a home screen that is particular to the functionality of each room or create a home screen that is specific to each user.

Having already delivered native integrations with Google Home and Amazon Alexa voice assistants to the Savant platform, users will now have access to Siri-based voice control of Apple TV using the Savant Pro Remote. By pushing the microphone button, Savant users can now simply ask Siri to find a movie, an album, an artist, a playlist, streaming services and more. This user-activated approach allows integrators to deliver the convenience of voice command functionality to clients who prefer the security of a voice agent that is not always listening.

The Savant Pro Remote features are available now and specs on the remote are here.