The best OLED TV deals ahead of Black Friday: 55in, 65in, 77in

OLED TV deals

It really is a good time to buy an OLED TV. It’s that time of year when lots of great 2018 OLED sets are discounted in their final days of shelf life (we’re on the cusp now – they’re dropping like flies), and you’ll even see discounts already on 2019 OLED TVs.

We’ve rounded-up not only the cheapest prices on some of our favourite OLED TVs, but also the pick of the other fantastic OLED TV deals on offer. If we haven’t reviewed the TV in question, we’ll use our knowledge of the market to let you know what we think of the deal. 

Without further ado, here’s our pick of the best OLED deals around. And with Black Friday around the corner, it’s a good time to be keeping an eye out for bargains.

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55 inch OLED TV deals

LG OLED55C8 4K OLED TV £2999 £1299 at Amazon
The C8 is the step-up model on the TV above, and is the cheapest 2018 LG OLED to include the brand new Alpha 9 processor – key to LG’s picture upgrades. What’s more, thanks to fresh discounts it barely costs more than the B8, and is definitely the model to get while you still can.View Deal

LG OLED55C9 4K OLED TV £2499 £1499 at Sevenoaks
Spend £200 more and you can bag the 2019 version of the TV above, which is also the receiver of a 2019 What HI-FI? Award. “Colours are insanely good, contrast levels are cracking, it’s super sharp and detailed. We’d have it at home in a heartbeat.”View Deal

Philips 55OLED803 OLED TV £1999 £1299 at Richer Sounds
This Philips is arguably the best OLED currently available that isn’t an LG C8, and it’s gradually been knocked down to just £1249. The LG C8 is marginally the better TV, but if you fancy some lovely Ambilight to with your gorgeous OLED picture, the OLED803 is a great buy.View Deal

Sony KD-55AG9 4K OLED TV £2800 £2499 at Currys
This 2019 Sony flagship TV “doesn’t quite meet the expectations set by its price tag, but… is still a very good TV, particularly in terms of sound quality”. That’s what we said of the 65in version. A discount of a few hundred quid certainly works in its favour.

View Deal

65 inch OLED TV deals

Sony KD-65AF8 OLED TV £2299 £1999 at Very
An OLED set based on the excellent Sony A1, the Sony AF8 OLED boasts lovely, natural pictures, great motion, and predictably perfect blacks. It also generates sound without standard speakers, instead using actuators to vibrate the whole screen – that might sound weird, but it works a treat.View Deal

Sony KD-65AF9 £3999 £2999 at Richer Sounds
The Sony AF9 is a great television in so many ways, including being one of the best-sounding TVs we’ve tested. Excellent OLED black levels, class-leading motion processing and superb detail. And you can now save a whopping £1000.View Deal

77 inch OLED TV deals

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