The best Sevenoaks Sound and Vision deals: hi-fi and AV deals

Black Friday and Cyber Monday may have been and gone, but there are still plenty of deals on offer from Sevenoaks Sound and Vision across a range of hi-fi, home cinema and TV products. 

And that’s why we have this page, allowing us to keep an eye on all the best Sevenoaks deals online and in-store, and of course share them with you. Read on for our pick of the best Sevenoaks AV deals right now. 

TV and projectors

LG OLED55B9 4K OLED TV £1799 £1299
Yes, it’s an OLED. Yes, it’s LG, and yes, it’s a 2019 model. There’s Dolby Vision and Atmos, plus Google Assistant and Alexa built-in. You get LG’s webOS Smart platform, the Magic Remote and Freeview Play. View Deal

LG OLED55C9 4K OLED TV £2499 £1399
Brand new for this year, LG’s C9 OLED improves on last year’s C8 in almost every way, making it comfortably the better buy if you can stretch to it. Doing so is now a lot easier than it was, too, as the price has steadily tumbled since launch.View Deal

LG OLED55E9 55in 4K UHD OLED TV £2799 £1999
LG’s awesome E9 OLED TV delivers a superb picture but doesn’t scrimp on sound quality, either. There’s rich, deep blacks and a superb sense of realism to the performance as well as some weighty sound; a nice little tempter with £800 off the price. View Deal

LG OLED65C9PLA 65in 2019 OLED TV £3299 £1999
This 2019 LG OLED has just had yet another £300 shed from its price, taking the overall discount to £1300. It’s an awesome TV – a surprisingly big improvement on last year’s model – and well worth the original asking price, let alone the new one.View Deal


CD players

NAD C 538 CD player £249 £199
A likeable all-rounder which could be a great shout for those looking to build a new budget hi-fi system. It delivers a nicely balanced sound and a convincing soundstage. Now with £50 off.View Deal

AV receivers

Arcam FMJ AVR850 (recertified) £4499 £2499
This one has been ‘manufacturer recertified’ but Sevenoaks suggests it will be in ‘immaculate as new condition’. And that makes a £2000 saving pretty hard to ignore. There’s support for Dolby Atmos, seven HDMI inputs, and that trademark Arcam sound.View Deal

Denon AVR-X4500H AV receiver £1499 £999
Jump up in price and you can make an even bigger saving. The AVR-X4500H boasts 125W of amplification (into 8ohms with two channels driven) across each of its nine channels, giving you native access to Dolby Atmos and DTS:X speaker. View Deal

Denon D-M41DAB receiver for £279 £219
This Award-winning all-in-one system is a great pairing for a budget pair of speakers as it combines DAB radio, CD and Bluetooth. It’ll output to two 30W speakers and does all this while remaining compact and stylish.View Deal


B&W P5 Wireless headphones £229 £129
What’s not to like about the B&W P5 Wireless? Not much, from what we can see and hear. The company’s first wireless headphones have been around a while now but if you’re not concerned about noise-cancelling or the latest features, they remain a great deal.View Deal

Grado SR80e headphones £109 £84
Grado is one of the best headphone brands around, bar none. Making eye-catching, open-back headphones, that deliver class-leading sound. This is about as affordable as Grado gets, so with a tidy discount, it’s well worth considering. 

View Deal


Sonos Beam £389 £329
Sonos’s soundbar adds some audio oomph to your films, TV shows and games. Voice control comes as standard, plus like other Sonos speakers, it plays nice with other devices too. A great home cinema upgrade.View Deal


Sony PS-HX500 £499 £249
If you want to archive your vinyl as hi-res digital audio files, this Sony turntable will allow you to do just that. Not only does it boast this useful tech, the PS-HX500 sounds sensational for the money. And it’s now available with a solid saving at Sevenoaks.View Deal


Sonos One £199 £152
Essentially the Sonos Play:1 with added voice control, this smart speaker gives you awesome sound without breaking the bank. A pair of class D amplifiers provide room-filling sound.View Deal

Sonos Play:5 speaker £499 £423
The Play:5 is a bit of a beast, capable of impressively loud – and good-quality – sound from a large wireless speaker. All the Sonos multi-room features are here of course and you can save £75 right now.View Deal