The best turntable deals 2019

Record decks aren’t just for the moneyed cognoscenti. There are plenty of models that are easy to use and don’t cost a fortune.

Of course, there are some super advanced, high-end models too.

Whether you’re looking for your first budget record player or are a long-standing vinyl fan hankering after a turntable upgrade, there’s almost certainly a deal with your name on it.

From entry-level decks starting at well under £100, to more premium offerings with larger price tags but offering serious levels of sound quality, there are some bargains to be had here. You can choose from turntables with integrated speakers or Bluetooth, and even portable record players, too. Here’s our pick of the best turntable deals. And with Black Friday around the corner, it’s a good time to be keeping an eye out for bargains.


Best record players 2019: best turntables for every budget

Best turntable deals

Technics SL-1200G £2999 £2649 at Sevenoaks

A chance to get £350 off a Technics Grand Class turntable is not one to be missed. Fitted with treats like a magnesium arm, instead of the aluminium of the standard editions, it’s doubtless one for the collector. And who doesn’t love a Technics turntable?View Deal

The best deals on the best turntables

Want the best-in-class record player at your chosen price point? Below you’ll see all our favourite, five-star turntables and where you can find the cheapest price on each one.